URBAN LEARNING - Integrative energy planning of urban areas
Collective learning for improved governance

Urban planning and energy planning in cities around the world


Cities are major contributors to CO2-emissions. Therefore Amsterdam set smart climate protection goals. But paper is patient and the realisation of visions is complex. Best practice examples show that optimized community energy strategies will only be successfully achieved when they are embedded in an urban strategy and urban planning framework.  

Therefore Amsterdam works together with other European cities in the European project Urban Learning. This stimulates Amsterdam to elaborate on this theme and to exchange knowledge with the International Energy Agency (IEA). Their research project “Annex 63” resulted in a set of recommendations for the optimisation of urban planning processes to foster sustainable energy planning. In Amsterdam, intermediate results will be presented for the first time! So come to Amsterdam, get to know innovative urban planning strategies, processes and working materials and discuss with us!

For more information: EBC Annex 63 Implementation of Energy Strategies in Communities






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