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Healthy environment - healthy people

08. - 09.11.2017

Conference “Healthy environment, healthy people – within the city sustainable development” will take place on 8-9 November 2017 in Warsaw. This large-scale event will be co-organized by the City of Warsaw, the French Embassy in Poland and UNEP/GRID. In its current draft agenda the main focus is put on eco-city good practices, actions to be performed after the Paris Climate Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals. In turn enhancing this agenda with topics connected with goals of Women4Climate would make it more balanced, while including related discussion of female mayors could be interested for a wider audience, including persons not yet involved before in climate issues.

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as well as the EU Urban Agenda acknowledge that cities will play a key role in achieving sustainable development on the global scale. The dynamism of cities’ growth simultaneously offers a major opportunity for sustainable development. The concept of healthy cities, green cities and sustainable cities focus on holistic approaches, including political commitment, institutional change, capacity building, partnership-based planning and innovative projects for improving urban environments and population health, with active involvement of citizens in the process of decision making.

We will attempt to identify key challenges associated with sustainable development of urban areas and discuss benefits stemming from the implementation of innovative solutions and technologies to meet growing needs of their inhabitants. Finally, we will address the topic of active citizen participation in shaping the truly intelligent and sustainable city with the use of modern technology.

Main themes of the Conference: cities and climate change, resource management, mobility, creating green urban future, buildings.

Participants: European and Polish cities ready to present their achievements on their way to sustainability; companies and their urban partners ready to demonstrate concrete examples of innovative solutions applied to achieve a healthier environment and improve health of human populations; Business and scientific institutions developing and providing innovative products and services for sustainable cities; Public administration and NGOs that implement or support actions for sustainable urban development.

You will find the programme for the healthy environment - healthy people event here.

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