URBAN LEARNING - Integrative energy planning of urban areas
Collective learning for improved governance

Proceedings of Growing Smart Energy Cities - Strategies, Instruments and Financing Tools

Europe’s cities are growing. The efficient use and supply of energy play a major role in meeting the challenges of increasing urbanization and in developing a smart and sustainable future. Therefore politics, urban planning and the economy are requested to implement smart energy strategies, instruments and financing tools in order to master the challenges lying ahead. In our two-day conference – in cooperation with the European city network EUROCITIES – we discussed these topics with international decision-makers, experts on city development and city administration.


31 May 2017 - 1 June 2017 | Berlin


For further information please read:

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Integrative energy planning for growing cities from a private-economic perspective (Hanno Balzer)

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Smart Energy Supply in Spain (Silvia Sanjoaquín Vives)