URBAN LEARNING - Integrative energy planning of urban areas
Collective learning for improved governance

Framework Conditions

In Urban learning cities, the existing strategic and legal framework haven’t integrated energy and urban planning procedures. Following own strategic and legal framework, the energy performance of buildings, energy planning and climate change actions have developed Action plans, Refurbishment programs for buildings, Subsidies for use of renewable energy and climate change adaptation strategies, etc. These mustn’t be left as standalone documents and need to be transposed in a proper way in urban development documents i.e. they can be basis to define optimal solutions considering the strategic objectives e.g. use of innovative technologies for district energy production to reduce carbon footprint of buildings. Since the city administration does not have a clear mandate for energy planning and usually is focused on a specific sector e.g. infrastructure or strategic development or climate change mitigation or urban planning, etc. a beneficial exchange of cross sector information will define consolidated suggestions specific for the city or the neighbourhood level and enable improvement of a specific target. These suggestions are much easier to place in existing administrative procedures and to be followed throughout the implementation.



The following messages of UL partners can motivate others to analyse framework conditions on a city level. Under Toolbox elements the content of strategic and legal documents provides insight in cross sector issues considered in UL cities.

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